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So many engaging ideas over the years! Here is my honest attempt to paint about them.

contemplative art, meditation art, buddhism, higher consciousness art, contemporary art, abstract art, abstract expressionism, art for home, art for office

NovaScotiaLandscape2017  The View From Here (2017)
This series is an ongoing work of pure joy that is landscape and still life painting. The current Views are from my new experience of Digby and Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

New paintings: Love and Knowledge-Part II-No Self

While Yoga in North America is typically a weight-loss/exercise routine, it is fundamentally a form of meditation. I recently had the privilege of documenting a deeply meditative session. Reaching back to the roots of my art practice, I am stretching my life drawing skills. Engaging idea: Buddist concept of no-self, the science of yoga and meditation, and new research in neuroscience and consciousness.

contemplative art, meditation art, buddhism, higher consciousness art

Love and Knowledge (2013 - present)

Stirred by readings on current developments in Western science and Eastern philosophy, I produced a group of paintings that consider how compassion results from a deep knowing about the true nature of reality, according to Scientists, and according to Buddhist philosophy. So these paintings are basically exploring the theme of Love and Knowledge.

The more we know, the more we are compelled to see ourselves as belonging to one of many species on this planet and to wish, more than anything, to work towards loving kindness, compassion, empathic joy and equanimity.  

Time Fearless and Aware (2013 - present)

Painting without knowing what the outcome will be about or look like can be terrifying. Becoming aware of the freedom in not knowing I can storm the canvas. At peace with and motivated by not knowing, I intuit my way with the canvas, until there is something that I suppose at some point I do presume to know.


The View From Here (2007-present)

This series is an ongoing work of pure joy that is landscape and still life painting. The current Views are from my experience of Cookeville, TN.


Celestial (2006-present)

The cosmos show us the truth about life and death. Subatomic interaction consists of annihilation of the original particle and the creation of new subatomic particles. We are truly made of star dust.


RantAge RantAge (2003-2007)

I created this series as a rant against the rise of religious fundamentalism in our mordern world, using a vocabulary of ancient runes, symbols, hieroglyphs and pictographs. I thought about ancient wisdom and about the surfaces used to pass on this wisdom. I thought about the messages that have been lost as contextual shifts altered the meaning of symbols. I created some of my own symbols and figure shapes that have a personal meaning. I used color and texture to evoke an emotional context that holds all the disparate elements together. A legend accompanies the work, complete with all symbols in the RantAge series and their meanings.



Body Landscape / Sleeping Giant (1994-2005; 2007-2008; pastel and ink, on paper; acrylic on canvas)

The Body Landscape series is my way to communicate the affinities I observe between the forms of the earth and the human form. I am exploring the animation and sensuality that I perceive in nature. I am also celebrating the intrinsic beauty of the body. I use color to bring out the atmosphere and high-contrast light conditions that express my vision. I look at the earth as a living, breathing, heaving existence that is independent of as well as connected to our own existence.


Beyond the Edge (1989-1993; pastel and photo media on paper)

The series Beyond the Edge explores the diverse possibilities of combining drawing and photography. Starting from a photograph of the landscape, I complete the scene using pastel and gouache. The combination of drawing and photography forms the basis for a study in perception. Reality can be effectively represented by using a mechanical process of reproduction: the photograph. Placing it side by side with a manual execution, drawing, I am showing that drawing can rival the photographic technique through controlled textures, impressions, and attention to realism. Also, while drawing provides a realistic content, it is capable of interpreting forms. The artist’s imagination multiplies the possibilities of representing things. In some ways I am challenging the limitations of the photographic image. Thus, from the objectivity of the photograph to a subjective interpretation, I am able to represent and communicate to others my personal view of nature and a different world.


Commission, KirrasCreek, acrylic pating from photograph


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